With their crisp crust and light texture, discover the authentic flavour of our special bread at Fournils de Constance.

Our range

Discover our passion

Passion is often all about believing that there are no limits to what you can do. That’s why, as professionals who are passionate about our trade, we’ve designed a range of frozen bread, viennoiserie and tartes that is as wide and as mouthwatering as possible. Products that offer pleasure and deliver high quality across the entire range.

All the types of bread you could wish for

At Fournils de Constance we know everything there is to know about bread, from its shapes to its colours to its tastes, whether it’s white bread, baguettes, pains pavés, and even traditional or special types of bread. Often raw, but also part-baked, especially hearth-baked or stone-baked. With fruit and seeds, such as chicory, but also with absolutely no preservatives or additives. A rich diversity that aims to satisfy every possible need.

Viennoiserie to make your mouth water

We’re just as passionate about our viennoiserie, which simply exudes pleasure and deliciousness. Our croissants and pains au chocolat are our biggest lines here, but our pains aux raisins, apple turnovers and mini-viennoiserie products are equally mouth-watering. Made with butter and available in different formats, Fournils de Constance’s viennoiserie will get your taste buds dancing even at first glance.

The sweet delights of our galettes and tartes

Due to our long experience of frangipane, we are highly honoured to be known as the ‘kings of the galette’. We offer the same expertise in tartes sèches, puff pastry, mini-galettes, and so on… And we couldn’t end this gastronomic tour of Fournils de Constance products without mentioning our most celebrated tarte, which is available frozen either as a tarte normande, or with apple, apricot, or pear and chocolate filling…