Range description :

Our wide range of tasty tartes is made with either sweet crust pastry (tarte normande, apricot tarte, pear and almond tarte…) or puff pastry (apple tarte). The fillings are made in our own facilities and our fruit is specially selected to ensure that our products are the best quality possible.

Notable ingredients :

Fruit, wheat flour, sugar

We can tailor our products and our recipes to your needs and expectations.

Galettes & Pies

Ranges are available in either classic (almond, apple) or gourmet (frangipane apple, frangipane raspberry, salted butter caramel) flavours and come in different weights, diameters and even shapes (round, hexagonal or scalloped). If you’d like a personalised galette, we can create a variety of markings (épi, diamonds, whatever you wish…), and we can also include your choice of fève. Our wide range of galettes des rois is bound to meet your needs.

Deliciously good quality, our tartes at Fournils de Constance will satisfy even the most demanding food lovers.